John on the Issues

Economy & Jobs

As a businessman, John understands that in order to get our economy moving and people working again, we need to get government out of the way. As our conservative voice, John will support lower business taxes, fewer needless regulations and more business-friendly legislation.

Taxes & Spending

As a conservative, John opposes higher taxes for families and hard working people. He believes government needs to live within its means and control spending. As our Representative, John will fight for lower taxes and responsible spending in Raleigh.


John supports our teachers and the hard work they do preparing our children for a bright future. As our Representative, he will support pro-teacher legislation that directs finances to the classroom and not to unnecessary bureaucracies. John also supports school choice such as private schools, charter schools and homeschooling.

Roads & Infrastructure

In order for businesses to succeed, our roads and other infrastructure must be a priority for North Carolina. As a businessman, John understands how much our economy relies on safe, reliable roads and bridges and as our Representative, he will fight to ensure Iredell County receives its share of transportation funds.

Conservative Values

John is a conservative who believes everyone should be responsible for their actions, should respect the constitution and should uphold traditional values of family, respect for others and hard work. John believes in the individual and knows that when we empower people, there is nothing we cannot achieve.